Celebrities suck at using Twitter.

tech news — Tags: , , , — Ramsey Mohsen @ Friday, April 3rd, 2009 - 1:27 am

Twitter is getting popular. There is no denying that. A couple weeks ago, I blogged my opinion about the primary source of it’s popularity, I think it’s because of the surge of people who already are thought influencers, large companies or celebrities — they have starting using Twitter (e.g. Shaq, Obama, CNN, Lance Armstrong).

On my Twitter stream today — I shared my blunt realization regarding these “popular” celebrities:

Twitter is only as valuable as the people you choose to follow. What I’ve been finding is that my expectation that following these celebrities would provide value to me — but it hasn’t been fulfilling at all!  I was hoping to get an inside access to the thoughts of these celebs and their daily lives, but the majority of celebs aren’t utilizing it in that way (note: I do realize some celebrities are great on Twitter, but I’m speaking about the generalized majority).

The people you follow define your experience on Twitter.  If the people you follow suck, Twitter sucks. If the people you follow provide value, then Twitter is a valuable resource you’ll keep using. So what’s value mean to me?  In my mind, there are 3 things that define “value”:

  • Timely: messages that address current topics, events, issues and news.
  • Relevant: tweet topics need to some how affect me or have reason for me to be aware of them.
  • Intimate Insight: if 1 of the 2 are not satisfied, then tweets need to provide a “personal” revelation or insight about you — humanized candid information that allows me to get to know you better.

Twitter is just one communication channel. The real-time component is powerful and unique — but only if you’re using it correctly …and that fundamentally comes down to following the right people. What are your thoughts? What celebrities are doing it right? What is your definition of value on Twitter?


  1. Great insight, Ramsey. Love the “If the people you follow suck, Twitter sucks” mantra. That’s a good one. I follow some celebrities, but am finding they are less useful to me these days than anything I’m reading.

    Comment by Shane — 04/03/2009 @ 2:45 pm
  2. I agree that most Celebs don’t utilize the power of twitter. However, I do find the tweets from Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore entertaining. I think they do a pretty good job utilizing twitter and watching them text about each other is pretty amusing as well.

    Comment by Jewls — 04/03/2009 @ 8:02 pm
  3. I tried to find the overall value of twitter, but really think it’s just a big lame sandwich. Who cares what anyone is doing? There are hardly any original thoughts to be found on twitter, despite so many people attempting to be profound in 140 characters or less. I believe Twitter is a fad, much like justin.tv, and folks like yourself(early adopters) will move on sooner or later.

    Comment by michael — 04/07/2009 @ 5:05 pm
  4. Ramsey – you’re totally articulating what I felt too. I think most of it is inane useless crap, but then others I ended up following (in the minority) are almost akin to finding gold on there too and make it worthwhile and a net gain. But all the junk there like a lot of the Trending Topics and whatever usually succeed best at scaring people away.

    Comment by Eric Bowers — 01/26/2010 @ 11:41 pm
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