Video Blog: “AMC Mainstreet Theater”

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AMC invited local bloggers to come preview their new theater in Downtown Kansas City. AMC Mainstreet, the theater, orginally opened in 1921, but now has been renovated and upgraded (to say the least). They gave me access to the new theater and I willingly decided to shoot a vBlog to give everyone a ‘preview’ before it’s open to the public. Check out my video blog for a complete tour of the place, it’s not your typical movie theater. I also snapped a few photos with my camera which you can view on my flickr account.

Here is the quick bottom-line about the new theater in my opinion:

  • Truthfully the food (that you order in the movie theater) isn’t amazing. It’s like bar food — not gourmet.
  • In my opinion, the audio setup, screen-size and seating comfort justifies the higher price you pay to watch a movie.
  • The seats all have speakers in them that rumble when action scenes appear in the movie. Cheesy as that may sound, when I watched a movie there it was freakin’ cool to watch actions scenes with your seat shaking.
  • You can order beer and they bring it to you = cool
  • You’re able to reserve specific seats online or by phone so you don’t have to show up extra early to get a good spot.


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  3. Hey – I remembered you posting this a while back and needed a good example of AMC’s attempt at improving the theater-going experience.

    I linked out to this from an internal blog at work. If you see a few people hitting your post for some odd reason from a sprint url, that’s why it’s happening 😉

    Thanks for the content!

    Comment by Erik — 03/19/2010 @ 2:27 pm
  4. Thanks Erik! Of course that’s fine! Thanks for thinking of referencing this blog post. Feel free anytime.

    Comment by Ramsey Mohsen — 03/19/2010 @ 3:32 pm

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