Here’s the slides from my Personal Branding presentation

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Last night, I was asked to speak to genKC on Personal Branding (the young professionals group for the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce). I discussed how the social media tools (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc) are what enable you. These free tools allow anyone to publish. More importantly, because of Google, and it’s frequency of usage, you have the opportunity to stand-out and be found online. You have a digital footprint online, and you can influence your footprint through smart, authentic and consistent use of social media tools.

For this presentation I made some changes and updates to my slides and format. In the spirit of open research and sharing, I embedded it below (click here if you can’t see it). I made a focus to really focus at the end on very tactical, “go do this” tips.

If you’re looking for resources or other opinions on Personal Branding, here’s some great links to check-out:

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