Kicking the tires on the new Apple iPhone 5!

tech news,Video Blogs — Ramsey Mohsen @ Thursday, September 20th, 2012 - 8:18 pm

Today I was lucky enough to ‘kick the tires’ on the #iPhone5. Here is my hands-on review of the iPhone 5 on KCTV5 with Carolyn Long. You can watch the interview here.

iPHONE 5, Ramsey Mohsen on KCTV5

Here are my quick-hit thoughts on how legit (or not) the new iPhone is:

  • I held the screen next to my iPhone 4S and the display is noticeably different. Sharper colors, images, Apps look nicer, everything- in general on the 5 looks better. The added real-estate with the taller 4″ screen is noticeably better when you do any web-browsing in Safari.
  • I had a chance to use the ‘Lightning’ connector and as silly as it is- you do save time trying to line-up the connector when plugging it in. Not a huge improvement, but nice. I’m sure all those seconds of time when you are frustrated and plugging in the cord add up to many hours of my life wasted :)
  • I did notice one “flaw” with the new connector. It didn’t seem to ‘lock’ once connected like the previous 30-pin. Minor annoyance if you pull to hard on the cord. Or an advantage depending on how you look at it.
  • I downloaded on the phone and did tests on the Verizon LTE network, and averaged right around 7Mbps and about 3-4Mbps (which is pretty darn impressive, comparable to most broadband connections people have at home!). For comparison, on the iPhone 4S 3G connection Verizon, AT&T, Sprint at best pull down 1Mbps and 1Mbps up.
  • There is lots of hype and talk from many tech bloggers that the iPhone 5 is “so beautiful it’s like jewelry”. Apple even dedicated a portion in it’s promo video to show how the metal edges for the antenna are precisely cut to certain specifications. In my opinion, it’s the same damn iPhone. Yes, the black matte finish is nicer than the white version (i compared both) but it’s certainly not a distinguishing feature that makes it better than other phones like the Galaxy Siii.
  • The iPhone 5 promises to be thinner than the 4S (at 7.6mm). It certainly is, but it’s not significant enough you really notice when it’s in your hand. Most people buy cases for their phone, so typically this is always a fairly moot point.


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