My Halloween costume this year …INSTAGRAM!!!

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Every year I get so excited for Halloween. Mainly because I like many people coming up with ideas for costumes. In previous years I’ve been as crazy as to shave my head to look like Kanye West at the MTV movie awards, gone as the “Old Spice Guy“, and even made a working helicopter hat to look like Inspector Gadget!

This year- I wanted be something that I really love …INSTAGRAM!!!

[drum-roll] Annnnd here is my Halloween costume this year... @INSTAGRAM!!! #instaRM

Step 1: Print a HUGE version of the Instagram logo.

Making my Halloween Instagram costume!

Step 2: Cut a strap long enough you can use it to hold up the board around your head. I got this strap from Jo-Ann’s Fabric.

Making my Halloween Instagram costume!

Step 3: Mount the paper on foam board with duct tape.

Making my Halloween Instagram costume!

Step 4: Cut a hole in the viewfinder area:

Making my Halloween Instagram costume!

[WA-LA] this is what it looks like when you’re done!

<had a blast last night at HillOween> i went as Instagram and Ali was the Twitter bird! — with Ali Hatfield at Starlight Theatre.

(btw, how awesome is my girlfriend‘s Twitter costume! she had to glue-gun each one of those feathers individually for her wings :) )



  1. Very nice costume for halloween, I’m sure you and your girlfriend really enjoyed it. Great for Social Media enthusiast.

    Comment by virtual office — 11/29/2012 @ 1:24 am
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