Project Launch: Hallmark Custom News Feed Widget

marketing and business — Ramsey Mohsen @ Thursday, December 20th, 2012 - 4:22 pm

Occasionally, I like to share small doses and under the hood peeks of client work myself and my team at DEG produce. This project for the holidays was a fun one in particular- primarily because it was one of those “we have never done this before and wouldn’t it be cool if we could pull this off!” :)

Partnering with Hallmark, under the objective of driving engagement, we developed a within News Feed custom experience. Given users on Facebook spend 40% of their time in the News Feed and are 40-150x more likely to view your content in the News Feed (and not on Facebook brand pages or tabs), we researched the API platform to explore what other ways besides text, pictures, and video could we create an experience within the News Feed.

The result? Here is what we developed:


The result? A custom widget that dynamically expands and gives you more real-estate to show custom content/controlled News Feed experience to your fans (and it’s mobile optimized so it works within the Facebook Apps for iPhone/Android!). Typically you have to send users to a Facebook Tab for any kind of controlled experience- this circumvents that. Want to see it? You can take it for a test drive yourself. We also built a version of this widget to showcase a circular/look-book style piece, which you can see here.

NOTE: if you’re curious- we are leveraging Facebook’s ‘Feed Gaming‘ API capabilities to accomplish this. Fun stuff huh? I think so.


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