Project Launch: Lee Jeans Holiday Card Creator

marketing and business — Ramsey Mohsen @ Sunday, December 9th, 2012 - 11:09 pm

Every year during the holiday season, myself and my co-workers at DEG are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to put our creative and technical skills to work for our clients. Most of us are familiar with other fun holiday websites of years past like Elf Yourself and Jib-Jab. In fact, it’s almost a tradition now during the holiday season to count on a good laugh or two from all the electronic cards that you can create and send.

So this summer we landed on an idea for one of our clients, Lee Jeans (yes- you read that right, in the summer. That’s how it works in our industry- you’re always planning, approving, and working on projects for other seasons while in another). We developed this idea to leverage Google Maps street view technology to allow anyone to type in any address, and then drag and drop holiday decorations on top of the photo!

Lee Jeans - Card Creator Facebook App Campaign

Lee Jeans - Card Creator Facebook App Campaign

Once entered your address, you can select what awesome holiday decorations you want to dress up your house with!

Lee Jeans - Card Creator Facebook App Campaign

And you can even select the music you want to play when your recipient opens it. Try it out and let me know what you think! Head over to the Lee Jeans Facebook page.


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