The new shiny object (that is pretty cool), ‘Vine’ App

tech news — Ramsey Mohsen @ Monday, January 28th, 2013 - 10:03 am

<hey friends> If you're jumping on board using the new App 'Vine', you can follow me, "Ramsey Mohsen". It's been really interesting tracking it after the launch the past few days. When Viddy was released, I thought their "Instagram for Video" formula was It’s been really interesting tracking the launch of ‘Vine‘, a new video sharing App (acquired previously by Twitter). When Viddy was released, I thought their “Instagram for Video” formula was solid. However, what Vine does that Viddy does not- it’s a perfect compliment to an existing network, Twitter. At first the idea of only getting 6 seconds to record a video seems insufficient. But then again, so was 140 characters to write a message. After recording a few videos, the 6-second constraint really requires you to be creative with less. Interesting also to note this is primarily a ‘mobile first’ App (similar to how Instagram was born).

This App is going to be fun to follow in the coming months. Even brands and businesses could benefit in using this (to create short how-to videos and customer service replies). What most people don’t know yet is you can embed Tweets (HTML block) and the Tweet and the video embed loop and play. Super slick.

(btw, if you’re jumping on board using the new App ‘Vine‘, you can follow me at, “Ramsey Mohsen”)

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  1. The twitter integration seems solid but I find the Facebook posting mechanism to be very lacking. It’s a tiny image with a short blurb that links you to a vine page. There’s also no tagging mechanism, which I find very disappointing.
    My other complaint with the current version of the app is that you can’t take multiple shots and stitch them together yourself. This adds to the simplicity but detracts from the quality of the clips you can create. If you record something amazing in the beginning but finish with a bad shot, there’s no way to redo the bad shot.
    All in all I find it fun, but I’d still like to see them make some improvements.

    Comment by THEtheChad — 02/20/2013 @ 3:30 am

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