25 Things I Must-Have (In My Bag)

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I’m often asked about the things I can’t live without. What are my must-haves? I’ve shared in years past my picks, and I decided today (while unpacking from my vacation) that I would take a moment to snap a photograph to share with you what is in my bag.

Here is what is in my bag:

What is in Ramsey Mohsen's bag? This.

The Basics:

13-Inch MacBook Air
The best and original ultrabook in my opinion. If you need to crank out a quick email, edit something in photoshop, or even do light video edits- the MB Air has you covered. And the portability and form factor is so comfortable there are times I opt using it over my 27-inch office monitors.

DSLR Coffee Mug
Every morning I’ve gotta have my coffee. And why not drink in geek style with a look-a-like Canon DSLR lens coffee mug? You’ll never mistake which drink is yours with this thing. And it’s only $12’ish on Amazon.

NCase 13″ Neoprene Slim Sleeve
Even though I put my MacBook Air in a bag, I believe it’s important to have the maximum padding possible (you never know when you’ll drop your bag or run into something). Plus you can take this sleeve out of your bag for a quick carrying case if needed.

Shirts and Style:

Timberland Messenger Bag
A leather messenger bag works for meetings with clients AND is casual enough that when you just throw it over your shoulder to take to the coffee shop, it works too (sorry there isn’t a link to buy it- they stopped making it).

Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Slim Fit Shirts
Ask anyone who has put one of these on, Brooks Brothers dress shirts are great. These shirts don’t have that annoying loose fitting fabric on your lower back (which usually gets wrinkled and untucked). These shirts are tailored and trimmed perfectly. I’ve literally donated all my old dress shirts and only have these.

Converse Chuck Taylors
Do I even need to explain why? I don’t care if you’re a kid or a grown-up, you’ve gotta have a pair.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Polarized
The always appropriate and never out of style go-to sunglasses of choice.

J-Crew Magic Wallet
You’re never too old to enjoy the convenience and mystery of owning a magic wallet.

Geek Stuff:

Jawbone Jambox
This little speaker can blast. Battery lasts forever. And it’s great for conference calls. And the best part is it pairs with both your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth.

Canon S95
Having a point-n-shoot handy is important. And while this camera is small, it packs a huge punch. Many of my friends can’t tell a difference between photos I’ve taken with my S95 vs. my more expensive DSLR (the new version of this camera is the S110).

Bose In-Ear 2 Headphones
These headphones fit my weird shaped ears perfectly. And they sound great. Bonus points for the fact they double has a iPhone headset since they have a microphone on them. I use those most often when I travel.

The versatility of a GoPro is amazing. And the size of the camera is mind-blowing. I like to have this with me now as my “second shooter” camera (i use the wireless controls a lot to take remote shots).

Mac Laptop “PlugBug
This little attachment turns your Apple laptop power adaptor into 2 functions in 1. This allows you to power and charge your laptop, but then also gives you access to USB power (which typically i plug my iPhone charger cord into). Slick and easy. Helps clean-up cord carrying mess.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3500 Edition
There are sometimes when your trackpad just doesn’t cut it. I keep this wireless mouse in my bag for those moments and minutes when you want to go back to using a traditional mouse (especially for Photoshop and iMovie video editing). And I dig how the USB receiver snaps and hides itself into the bottom of the mouse.

Canon T3i
This is my DLSR of choice given it’s video capabilities. While I dream of having a Mark version of the Canon DLSR cameras, the size, weight, and performance for it’s price makes the T3i one of my favorite gadgets I own (and i love photography).

This flexible camera tripod thingy makes it super easy to mount either my GoPro or DLSR anywhere I want (flat ground, poles, walls, etc.). Easy and simple to setup.

BlackRapid Metro Camera Strap
When you’re out photowalking or being touristy, sometimes you want a camera strap that’s comfortable. This is a great sling that makes it easy to take quick shots and then drop your camera without worrying about it falling off your shoulder.

Misc Stuff:

Business cards
Baseball trading cards for networking. Gotta have them on you.

Zeiss Lens Cleaner Wipes
I’m obsessed with keeping my screens, phones, lenses, keyboards, etc. clean. These handy wipes are cheap and disposable. I keep a box at work and at home.

Uni-ball Vision Waterproof / Fade-Proof Pen
My pen of choice at work. Writes smooth, fine tip and doesn’t smear on paper- even for me as a left-hander.

Magazines: Wired, Inc, Rolling Stone, Fast Company
Print isn’t dead. Curling up to a good magazine is something I still very much look forward too. Wired = because I’m a geek, Inc = for the entrepreneurial fix I need, Rolling Stone = because I’m obsessed with music, and Fast Company = also because I’m a geek.

Square Reader Mobile Payment
There are times when you need to have your friends pay you back- and cash isn’t always on hand (e.g. those times someone covers for dinner or drinks). Keeping a Square in your bag comes in handy.


  1. <love it all> “@rm: What’s in my bag? This –> http://t.co/58Wml6Og #gadgets ‘n #gear”

    Comment by RPetersPhoto — 02/19/2013 @ 1:34 pm
  2. @rm wow, I have some stuff, but not all. I think I will check out the magic wallet

    Comment by JWDuane — 02/19/2013 @ 7:48 pm
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  4. Love my Uniball Vision pens.  I prefer the Micro over the Fine.

    Comment by wvpv — 03/06/2013 @ 3:58 pm

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