Boston Marathon Heroes: TV interviews with Marguerite and Peter

Personal stuff — Ramsey Mohsen @ Thursday, April 18th, 2013 - 11:02 pm

This past week has been perhaps one of the hardest weeks in my life. After experiencing what happened in Boston, it has been harder concentrating and getting back into the normal routine than I thought it would be. Reflecting back on the moments when we were stranded in Boston (because we couldn’t go inside our hotel in Copley Square) our group was fortunate enough to be offered assistance by many gracious Bostonians. I sent Tweets throughout our experience to capture and share some amazing individuals who I believe are true heroes. What has been incredible is observing the power of social media both in real-time and the past few days. Only minutes after I tweeted these photos, message after message started coming in. Many media outlets have been showing these images as examples of the incredible acts of good that came of such a tragedy.

NBC News and The Today Show aired a segment and interviewed Marguerite (the woman who brought us into her apartment) and Peter (the gentleman who gave us OJ on the sidewalk and offered his bathroom). These are just a few of the amazing Bostonians who helped us, such gracious acts of kindness:

And the photos I took of Peter and Marguerite have been shared on many outlets:

And it was hard for me to hold back tears watching this tribute video at the Boston Bruins game, which features a picture of the amazing gentleman Peter pouring us orange juice.


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