Apple iPhone 5S + 5C: what you need to know (KCTV5 Interview)

product & app reviews,tech news — Ramsey Mohsen @ Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 - 9:55 pm

What now seems like an annual event (around this time of year) today was the day Apple announced new iPhone(s). KCTV5 asked me to come on for an interview to share with Carolyn Long my thoughts on the public release of iOS7, the new iPhone 5C , and iPhone 5S. You can watch the interview here. I also recorded a ‘behind the scenes’ of the entire interview start to finish with Google Glass.

Here is the interview:

Also, I recorded a ‘behind the scenes’ with Google Glass:

So are you going to get one?

I am.

I have a free upgrade on my account- for me the camera and battery updates alone are worth it. And while I really enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T gave me (web browsing and Instagram are gorgeous on the bigger screen) I’m dependent upon many of the iOS Apps that exist.

My cheat-sheet advice?

1.) Apple fanatics, Apple power users, and photogs:
= of course you’re going upgrade to the 5S (duh), but if you don’t have a free upgrade on your account it’s going to hurt- $549 for the 16GB unlocked iPhone 5S.

2.) iPhone 4 and 4S owners:
= take a hard look at the iPhone 5C first before the S. If you own the 4 or the 4S, you’re likely ok with not having the latest and greatest. If you have a free upgrade and only get a new phone ever 2.5-3 years, I’d pull the trigger on the 5S.

3.) Current iPhone 5 owners who are happy
= hold and wait, go into the store and kick the tires. if you have a free upgrade on your account- then i would seriously consider pulling the trigger.

More thoughts…

The majority of the new features aren’t revolutionary. And many Android phones win on specs vs. the iPhone. Most of the updates are modest at best. However there are 2 features in particular I have my eye on. The new fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S might be a smart FIRST play into long-term strategy of mobile payments or Apps that utilize it (besides iTunes). Acclimating people to idea/security of fingerprint technology seems like the best first step RE: privacy BEFORE a large fire hose for Apple to become the standard in mobile payment systems/Apps. They’re certainly positioning themselves to strike if customers fall in love with it. Also, pay close attention to iBeacon and the Bluetooth Low Energy features the iPhone 5S has:


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