Life Hack Tip: Daily Quartz Emails

product & app reviews,social media — Ramsey Mohsen @ Thursday, October 31st, 2013 - 3:00 pm

OK- I’ll share one of my secrets, a life hack if you will. People ask me about time management all the time and about my routine. Here is 1 tip/ tool/ resource that I value. Go subscribe to the daily Quartz emails. Get them delivered to your inbox.


1.) It’s a brilliantly simple email delivered to your inbox with the top news summarized in a ‘snackable’, easy to scan format. Each email has sections for each article like “What to watch for today”, “While you were sleeping”, and “Matters of debate”. They say their content is built for tablets and mobile phones by design. However they want to say it- this is one of my secrets of staying quickly in the know each day with news + the world and how you can avoid “The Filter Bubble Effect(which does actually scare me). Sign-up is here:

2.) Oh, and it’s free. Hard to argue with that.



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