Product Review: Jawbone Mini Jambox

product & app reviews — Ramsey Mohsen @ Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 - 10:16 pm

On the left is the original Jambox Bluetooth wireless speaker. The new ‘mini’ is on the right. The new version has a 10 hour battery and now is small enough to fit in your pocket. ATT sent me this to demo (they sell these in their stores and online) and the updates are nice.

Jawbone Mini Jambox Picture

Most notably is the clearer sound and no distorting when you raise it to max volume. This was one of my must-haves last year for Christmas. I now put the mini back on the list to must-have (careful, don’t buy the original Jambox even though they sell it- the mini is better. and if you have the original i would NOT upgrade).

Jawbone Mini Jambox Review

Yes, you can get better sound from other mini speakers like the UE Mini Mobile and the Bose SoundLink Mini, but all in all the Mini Jambox is a better overall package. Amazing they were able to make this better. It’s something I use around the house and outside listening to Spotify and podcasts frequently. This is one of my favorite things to have on a patio, in the garage, or out on the golf course.

Jawbone Mini Jambox Review

Jawbone Mini Jambox Review


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