Learn the rules- then break them. A lesson from Casey Ligon.

I was fascinated listening to Casey Ligon speak and teach about design + lettering. Let’s be real, I have no business being at an event like this (i’m not a graphic artist). However, I find it fascinating to hear creatives tell their stories and talk about their process. If you really look at what she did- she wasn’t privileged in any way. She hustled her way into working as an intern at Hallmark. And put her head down in learning all the basics and standards to lettering against her will (she wanted to do more creative experimental work). And it was in her ‘free time’ outside of work, she really crafted her talents doing what she does now. She didn’t say this specifically- but her formula is simple. Study up on the standards and the basics. Know them in and out. And then learn to break those rules carefully and develop your own style + creativity. There’s something to be said about this approach- works in many industries. There are many prerequisites and table stakes in life that people often don’t want to put the work in doing first. For Casey, it all came full circle when she really started developing as an artist- the things she hated learning about and perfecting, then became the foundation for how she makes her work unique. Check out her stuff on Insta: https://instagram.com/caseyligon/

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