The “2-of-3 rule” for people and their jobs.

We are in the process of hiring at Digital Evolution Group, so I’ve been sitting in a lot of job interviews. I’ve been listening to people share their stories about their job history and what they do and don’t like about their current position. Now, I won’t attempt to claim I’ve performed hours of research or have extensive experience in analyzing people and their careers (cause i haven’t) …but through some of my own (late night) self-assessments …i’ve reached my own conclusion about people and their jobs, which can be summed up as the “2-of-3 rule”.

My theory behind the “2-of-3 rule” is simple…

As long as a person is happy with 2 of the 3 criteria (listed below), …they will be comfortable and satisfied with their job. However, if things change, in which only 1 of 3 things are being met from these criteria, then a person will leave their job or have extreme dissatisfaction with their career (and over time, eventually will leave).

Here are the 3 criteria for my “2-of-3 rule”:

#1.) Money you earn.
Are you getting paid enough? Every one has an opinion on this. You might be getting paid well, or you might not. Again, this is only 1 of the factors in the 3 part equation.

#2.) People you work with.
Do you enjoy who you work with? Do you really value the people you have to interact with every day (this includes your clients or customers).

#3.) The work you are doing.
Is the work you do each day something that you truly love? Are you a 5PM clock-watcher because you can’t stand what it is you do for work?

Given those 3 criteria, you can test it with different scenarios. I’m willing to bet that if you are satisfied with 2-of-3 of the criteria, you’ll stick with your job (and if you are happy with all 3, then you’re in a great place). Only when you get knocked down to 1-of-3 will you jump ship.

Some examples with the rule applied:

  • You might not be making much money, but if you really love your job and the people you’re working with…
  • If you making a ton of money and love the work you’re doing, it can be just enough to avoid and deal with the annoying people you work with…
    Try it yourself.


I can’t explain why my “2-of-3 rule” works (i think it applies to everyone). It forces you to break-down the root elements of how satisfied you are with your job.

I could be wrong. Am I? What say you?

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