Consistency is often overlooked- but it’s your secret to success.

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Consistently scoring 20+ points in a game.

Consistently working out each day and eating right.

Consistently being prepared for your meetings.

Consistently researching and staying ahead.

consistencyConsistently showing up, no matter the convenience or the challenge.

Consistently making time.

Consistently doing the work.

Consistently performing.

“We are what we repeatedly do.”

I’ve found consistency is the hardest thing to master. But the mere concept- obsessing over this is where your focus should be. I didn’t learn this early enough if my life or career- but it’s evident this trait, in almost all aspects of life sets others apart from the rest. We see flashes of greatness and one hit wonders. But consistency what is most highly regarded. No matter your goal or vision- it you just did ‘x’ or repeated ‘y’ consistently, you would see success. The greatest leaders I’ve met and the most successful people I know fundamentally are masters at consistency.

However, it’s the initial break through- forming the needed behaviors (a collection of habits) to be successful is hard. Really hard. The mere thought of it can be stifling.

Why is it hard? Being consistent is more than doing hard work. More than obsessing with the idea of your goal. And it’s more than preaching over and over about that great idea you have. Or showing casually showing interest in something.

It requires commitment.
Time-management skills.
And self-discipline.

Got a goal you want to achieve? A skill you want to learn or master?

…what have you sacrificed to get the time you need to achieve it? Do you really need to watch that game/TV show? Give 1 thing up and use that time as your ‘homework’ time.

…are you full committed? Really? Say it out-loud in the mirror each day or write it down that you are all-in. Make it real. Make yourself accountable.

…do you have reminders or mnemonic devices you can put in place to keep you accountable? Markup your calendar. Put post-its on your bathroom mirror. Give yourself ‘minor punishments’ for not following through (like not watching a TV show, or forcing yourself to work late).

…how do you know you’re on your way to achieving your goals? Set lead and lag indicators. Act on those. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the thought of how your going to achieve your BEHAG.

Far to often, we all are looking for that silver-bullet. The easy button. We want a shortcut. But it all starts and ends with consistency. And that’s not easy. It’s a multi-dimensional complex concept you must obsess with. Excellence is not a single act or moment in time- it’s a series of habits. It’s a path of perseverance.

Valentine’s Day at the Children’s Mercy Fundraiser

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Myself and Ali spent Valentine’s Day at the Children’s Mercy Hospital ‪Red Hot Nights #‎RHN15‬ fundraiser. It really is truly incredible what this organization does. Children’s Mercy is the only free-standing children’s hospital between St. Louis and Denver and provide comprehensive care for patients from birth to 21. Hearing some of the stories on their recent documentary series, Inside Pediatrics is heavy on the heart (if you haven’t seen it- you should watch one episode). And last night’s event was extremely well organized- the board + organizers who run this do an amazing job.‬

Children's Mercy Red Hot Nights Fundraiser, Kansas City 2015

Children's Mercy Red Hot Nights Fundraiser, Kansas City 2015

Children's Mercy Red Hot Nights Fundraiser, Kansas City 2015

Kansas City Star Feature RE: Amazon Prime

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Ramsey Mohsen and Alison featured in the Kansas City Star RE: Amazon Prime members

In sort of a strange yet fitting set of circumstances, my wife and I were interviewed for an article in the Kansas City Star that highlighted our ‘extreme’ usage of Amazon Prime for every day items (vs. going into traditional brick and mortar). I remember thinking in the interview- when being asked why we ordered so many things online vs. driving down the street to purchase our items, I tried to explain plainly that as an Amazon Prime member it just makes sense. My wife and I make daily decisions in which both cost and time are the deciding factors. Meaning, if we don’t need an item right away- given the pricing and the rates we can get at Amazon, 9/10 we order it online. You can read the full article here.

The Rules Of Marketing; As Illustrated By Celebrities On Twitter

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435714787_1280x720I had the honor of being asked to present for a 2nd time at AAFKC’s Bulletproof All-Stars. This took place back in 2013, but somehow through I’m sure some epic breakdown in communication, the videos have just been recently posted online from this event. I had fun again this time around with my PechaKucha  speech- which for those of you who don’t know the format of this is: 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). The format, which keeps presentations concise and fast-paced.

The Rules Of Marketing; As Illustrated By Celebrities On Twitter
It was probably during the “Mad Men era” when many of these rules were written. And–morning martini or not– most of us are still following them today, even if we know them by another name. And wouldn’t ya know it, stars–”they’re just like us” and they’re living by these marketing rules too. This, is the rules of marketing, as illustrated by celebrities on Twitter…

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 1.17.36 PM

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