#MondayMotivation; the football TV show speech

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In my #MondayMotivation for my social team today, I showed a Friday Night Lights speech (my favorite TV show of all-time). Yes, it is a stretch to relate professional career advice to a TV show football speech …but Coach Taylor is dead-on when he shares that you will have many fights where you win and lose. Day-to-day wins and losses. The key is to never lose yourself throughout it all. And no day is better than today to redefine yourself (and your teams) and make right. Start by committing to today and get a ‘win’ in your column: http://youtu.be/FYIzhV2uIbw

My GoPro “putt cam” on hole #18.

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GoPro Golf Putter Cam Putt

Just having some fun- I’d like to tell you this was on the first try, but…

Awesome sturdy-bendy-charger-thingy for your iPhone

product & app reviews — Ramsey Mohsen @ Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 - 10:24 pm

iPhone 5S USB Charger, Une Bobine Fuse Chicken

Check out this sturdy-bendy-charger-thingy for your iPhone (i think that’s the technical way to describe it). The fine folks at [FUSE]chicken sent this to me. They say it’s “the world’s most flexible iPhone & Android charger.” I will tell you it’s pretty cool- works just as advertised. This is also nice to have because you can hook it up to your car USB and/or nightstand and it will hold up your iPhone. In the picture- I’ve got it hooked up to my Air, it’s nice to travel with, easy to throw in your bag and hook into the Apple wall charger.

You can buy the Une Bobine it here on Amazon: http://iblogged.it/1pb2Rl3

iPhone 5S USB Charger, Une Bobine Fuse Chicken

HTC One M8, almost the best Android phone …almost.

product & app reviews — Ramsey Mohsen @ Thursday, May 15th, 2014 - 9:43 am

HTC One M8 from Verizon

I have been having fun the past few weeks kicking the tires on the new HTC One M8 (courtesy of Verizon, thx guys!). HTC is/was the first company to make an Android phone, so in theory their phones (could be) the best on the market based on learnings over the years. And *this* HTC One M8 is the best looking Android phone. It’s gorgeous. I threw this around while traveling to Boston and other places- even without a cover it didn’t scratch (although I have heard if you drop it bad enough, the metal will dent- but that didn’t happen to me). Battery life is better than most Android phones. Even when using it to tether for as a Wi-Fi hotspot it held a charge well.

Keep in mind, this thing is huge. The screen is 5 inches (the Samsung S5 is 5.1). The display is gorgeous to look at. Better than the iPhone 5 in my opinion. But I tested some photos out and was not as impressed. And even more confusing, in terms of specs the phone has a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, 4-megapixel rear-facing camera (why is there higher resolution on the front than the rear camera?! which makes no sense, unless you take more selfies than the average person?) This HTC is also heavier than the S5, which is notably different than the Samsung (I’ve done an official pocket test, hahaha).

I would have edged this phone out as the best Android phone on the market right now- but it’s just hard to make that claim given the camera is so lacking. And that’s a huge feature to miss the mark on. The Samsung S5 has a 16MP camera (compared to this HTC which has a 5MP front camera). And while this phone is noticeably heavier than the S5, I like the solid feel and metal construction. If the low(er) resolution camera isn’t a deal breaker- and you’re an Android fan, check this phone out.

My new favorite travel gadget… the mophie powerstation Duo

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mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo

(i’m busy unpacking from Boston) My new favorite travel gadget is easily this little guy called the mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo. Small enough it can fit in your pocket (but powerful enough to charge any kind smartphone or iPads/tablets). Awesome to throw in your bag for charging anything you need via USB, and it has two ports so you can share!


Gadget review: Jawbone Up24 fitness and sleep tracker

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Jawbone UP wearable tech, activity tracker

I felt a little behind in getting to demo the Jawbone Up24, but Verizon was kind enough to let me kick the tires on this fun + updated fitness tracker. The upshot? Of all the fitness trackers/wearables I’ve used (Nike+ FuelBand, FitBits, etc) the Jawbone Up24 overall was my favorite. More specifically I would say that what won me over is the minimalist design of both the band and the way the data/analytics is rendered in the App. The battery life also was significant (lasts 7-10 days before requiring a charge).

More philosophically, these devices (fitness trackers) provide fuzzy data about your life at best (I call it “Google Analytics for your body”). I even admit- at first there is a fun- ‘shiny object syndrome’ and allure to seeing how many steps you’ve taken, calories you’ve burned, or finding out if you moved around in bed while sleeping. It does require you to wear it all day, every day- and that can become laborious.

Because all of these fitness tracker devices aren’t prescriptive on providing recommendations or conclusions of what you should be doing (the technology isn’t there yet) at best- they are just sophisticated and pricey “reminder bands” telling you that you should get up from your desk/leave your house and actually get some exercise. For some people, this kind of techy reminder band sitting on your wrist is worth it. :)  And that might be OK (some people need this to keep exercise fun). However for me, no fitness tracker band has given me enough advice or added information to make tracking my data constantly worth it. #truthtalk #justtellingittoyoustraight

Jawbone UP wearable tech, activity tracker

Jawbone UP wearable tech, activity tracker

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